Hello friends -old and new

My name is Jonathan mason thank your for still following me after this time I've been missing in action since early October last year . Lots have changed since then. I left my last job at Home Depot and starting working with a pretty cool company Nordstrom . I work In women's shoes now at a new store in Costa Mesa California . My old store closes but I'm in the Mecca of malls in California .


i work full time and have an awesome manager who understands my passion as a photographer . 


I've been shooting more and have taken some online courses in shooting . I've come to realize that my greatest strength as a photographer is my adaptation to different styles . I love all aspects of photography and love shooting whatever comes to mind . 


Well lets make this a daily thing ! This is my love my passion. This is what my gift is. Having an eye for composition that's my art. Whatever I put out there is because I love it. I guess I'm trying to say do more of what makes you happy! Love you all 🙌🏼 


Also please let me know what you like about my photography . Maybe what you would like to see more! Thanks fam !