2nd wedding 2nd shooter


hello readers so im posting this in between football games (I love sports)  just wanted to show everyone some of the pics i took as a 2nd shooter.  I worked with a team which goes by RIVAS . Randy and Lily my good friends started their own media company photos and cinematography


We woke up early on wedding day and picked up some gear from the shop Fullerton Cameras. our local shop. checked out some gear such as the telephoto zoom lens Canon 70-200 F2.8 . a 100mm canon macro lens. i felt comfortable with my 50mm and my zoom lens which are the only lenses used in these shots


long story short it was a great time shooting with them and we got some awesome photos of the couple. I feel so free shooting as a 2nd shooter that i can really let my creative freedom take over. 


Also if your readIng this and want to do a fall

Family session lets start booking first 10 get a special rate of $60 just mention this post .

50mm 1.2

it's finally mine and I got to use it after work with a coworker. The Fstop of 1.2 brings in so much light. I was able to shoot without a flash and here were the results of a 30min post work session .  


Today I will

be taking with me on another adventure and I can't wait to see what I come up with next .  


Hello friends -old and new

My name is Jonathan mason thank your for still following me after this time I've been missing in action since early October last year . Lots have changed since then. I left my last job at Home Depot and starting working with a pretty cool company Nordstrom . I work In women's shoes now at a new store in Costa Mesa California . My old store closes but I'm in the Mecca of malls in California .


i work full time and have an awesome manager who understands my passion as a photographer . 


I've been shooting more and have taken some online courses in shooting . I've come to realize that my greatest strength as a photographer is my adaptation to different styles . I love all aspects of photography and love shooting whatever comes to mind . 


Well lets make this a daily thing ! This is my love my passion. This is what my gift is. Having an eye for composition that's my art. Whatever I put out there is because I love it. I guess I'm trying to say do more of what makes you happy! Love you all 🙌🏼 


Also please let me know what you like about my photography . Maybe what you would like to see more! Thanks fam ! 


I've been away for a couple weeks I've been busy with work and creating content for you all to see! Great news I booked my first wedding . Not my style but I'm going to execute this! Also it's fall let's get your fall sessions in at a pumpkin patch with your family/ friends. Thank you all for the support. J. Mason

LODEF -headshots!

Proud of these photos I was able to produce for music producer LODEF! He was needing a new portfolio picture professionally done so his friends referred me! I think I can say we knocked out these headshots!  


Stepping out from behind the scenes

This past weekend my friend Michelle asked if I could take some photos for her blog. I'm used to shooting with her by my side as we create content for blog. I was surprised when she wanted me to shoot her because she's not one for many photos. That Saturday she picked me up and we both were surprised by how well the photos came out. Check them below.


When I hear someone loves my photos it almost instantly brings a smile to my face! Michelle thanks for being so great behind the scenes and in front of them 📸 

July 28th photoshoot

My first time setting up a studio and shooting with it. It was a learning experience but I enjoyed the consistency of lighting during shoot. don't get me wrong I still prefer shooting outdoors. Thanks to my friend Bri for letting me take pics and good look with the photo submission I hope you get he gig!  Enjoy the photos !


Conquer OC

Finally got featured by conquer OC with my summer 16 beach series photo! check em out thanks for the support!


July booking !

Candid shot of me going to work ! I'm booking sessions for the rest of July and I'm always looking for new faces to shoot 📸! Let me know if interested and I can make a date for you thanks 😎

Art of photography ! 

Art of photography ! 

New content!

Beach photo shoot went well! If your interested in helping me out and modeling let me know i love working with new faces!  Thanks Paige your photos rocked ! 


Happy Father's Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day for me it's a special day where I get to spend some time with my dad. With him living in la I see him maybe once every other week. What are some fond memories you have with your dad ? 



Hi its Jonathan and thank you for taking the time to visit my website and view my blog. here i will post pictures from shoots, promotions i'm running or just keep you posted on what i'm up to lately. 

again thanks for taking the time to view my website. to say thanks mention this post to me and ill take $10 off a portrait of you and/or a friend.

-Jonathan Mason of Jmasonphotography