2nd wedding 2nd shooter


hello readers so im posting this in between football games (I love sports)  just wanted to show everyone some of the pics i took as a 2nd shooter.  I worked with a team which goes by RIVAS . Randy and Lily my good friends started their own media company photos and cinematography


We woke up early on wedding day and picked up some gear from the shop Fullerton Cameras. our local shop. checked out some gear such as the telephoto zoom lens Canon 70-200 F2.8 . a 100mm canon macro lens. i felt comfortable with my 50mm and my zoom lens which are the only lenses used in these shots


long story short it was a great time shooting with them and we got some awesome photos of the couple. I feel so free shooting as a 2nd shooter that i can really let my creative freedom take over. 


Also if your readIng this and want to do a fall

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